Faq for Parent

For Parent

1: How do I request for a tutor?

    To request for a tutor, all you need to do is to contact us at H/p : +65 9452 6864 or

    you may submit a request through our online form.

    Our tuition coordinators will contact you immediately to fulfill your request.

    Based on the requirements, we will arrange for a suitable tutor to fulfill your specified request.

2: Do I have to pay for the registration on your website?

    Registration is Free of Charge.

3: Do I have to pay any extra fee to engage a tutor?

    No, there is NO additional fee.

    We will deduct the 50% tuition fees commission from the tutor's tuition fees

    Payment Terms:

    Payment of the referral fees is 50% of the total fees.

    The referral fees will be deducted from the total fees of the assigned tutor.

    Payment Mode: Payment of the referral fees can be made either via ATM transfer or cheque payment.

4: How will the agency collect the tuition fees commission from me?

    The 50% tuition fees commission has to be paid after the 2nd or 4th lesson has been conducted by the tutor.

    Payment can either be made by ATM Bank Transfer or Collection of the tuition fees commission

    personally by our Tuition Co-ordinate.

5: Do you guarantee improvement on my child?

    We strive to bring out the best in your child's abilities and learning skills by fulfilling your request

    to provide a tutor to match your specific needs and concerns.

If you are dissatisfied with the assigned tutor's performance after the 1st lesson, we will provide a replacement tutor, at no additional cost to rectify your dissatisfaction.

Please take note that co-operation and collaboration between

parents, the tutor and the student is vital to bring out the best in your child.

6: Replacement Policy

    We strive to provide you with an experienced and well qualified tutor/special needs therapist/teacher.

    If for any reasons you wish to change the tutor after the 1st or 2nd lesson  please contact us 

    and let us know why you wish to get a replacement tutor.

    Parents should take note that it is essential for student to give his full cooperation in his lessons

    to benefit from his lessons.

    A replacement tutor will be provided  (at no additional cost ) if the reasons provided are valid.