Refer and Earn $$$

$$$ Become our REFERRAL PARTNER and Earn $$$

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Refer Us to Parents to get a Tutor for your Child!

Work Flexible Hours From Home to Suit You!

     Earn An Extra $300 Each Month

This is how it works!

1) You refer us to recommend a tutor for a student.

2) After successful referral of tutor and the completion of 4 or 8 lessons parent pays us the Referral Fees.

3) Our Referral Partner is paid 25% of the Referral fees.

If total fees is $300 -the referral fees is $150.

You will be paid $37.50

START referring SUPERGENIUSIQ to your friends and family RIGHT NOW!


Terms and Conditions Apply

Empowering Your Child To be a SuperGenius!

 SMS Us the relevant details:

SMS <Referral Partner>

          < Your Name >

           < Parent's Name >

           < Parent's Mobile No >

 to Hp : 9452 6864




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