Special Needs Education


Special Needs


We believe that every child and individual is unique in his own way blessed with his own innate gifts and talents. Every child should be nurtured and motivated to enable his potential to shine in all aspects of his individuality. A special needs child needs more help time and learning resources to maximize his learning potential and gifts.

We aim to help parents of special needs children to empower their children by providing

Quality Special Needs Therapy and Intervention in the Comfort of your Home.

Autism ASD ADD ADHD Dyslexia

Dyscalculia Dysgraphia Dypsraxia

GDD Speech Delay Speech Therapy

Behaviour Management Communication Issues Reading Skills


Our Special Needs Therapists are well trained and qualified to improve your child’s communication skills and learning needs.

Parents are most welcome to contact us at 94526864 or success@supergeniusiq.com for more details.